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1. Preparations

  - Register an application to Azure Active Directory Tenant.

     1. Create application from Azure Management portal.



     2. Select application type as below.

     3. Name your application and select 'Web Application and/or Web API' as type.


     4. Set dummy url as application property

     5. Select configure menu in the created application.

     6. Remember your ClientId and Key(ClientSecret) of your application.


     7. Grant read/write permission to Azure Active Directory.


  - Set application properties ( optional )

    By store your application properties in config file, no need to enter application properties every time.

    Configuration File name : AzureAD_Schema_Manager.exe.config ( in the same folder as exe )

    - TenantName : your tenant name. (ex.

    - ApplicationName : your application name created above. (ex. DirectoryExtension)

    - ApplicationClientId : your application's clientId obtained above.

    - ApplicationClientSecret : your application's Key obtained above.



2. Run

     Run AzureAD_Schema_Manager.exe

     1. Connect to Azure Active Directory tenant

        - Enter your tenant and application information. ( If you do not edit configuration file, you must enter in this screen every time. )

        - Click 'Connect to Azure Active Directory' button.

     2. Enter extension information to add.

        - Name : extension property name

        - DataType : property type ( ex. String )

        - TargetObject : target object type to extend property. ( ex. User )


3. Known Issues

  • Remove Extension capability do not work, so far.
  • Multiple TargetObject is not supported.

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